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Thanks for putting on a good event… I'd like to know if you've put anymore thought into the logistics of a Vermont Mountain Points Series. I think it's a great idea, potentially pulling people who do one even to several others. Whether it's done in conjunction with each event or as an independent point tally, it would be a fun series… I hope you got enough out of the event to want to put it on again.

Thorin Markison




I just want to express how much I enjoyed your race (wellllllllll, actually I hated it....my goodness that was HARD!). I've told all my HCing friends who do Mt. Washington, Acutely, Equinox that they MUST do this next year. I definitely will. A heart felt THANK YOU to you, your wife and all your support team for all the work that went into this. Everyone was wonderful! I had a blast and will be back!

Carol Meader

Thanks so much for putting on a great event. I do a lot of road racing and cyclocross, but I have never done an event quite like this. The grass-roots spirit of the race was inspiring. I am so glad to hear you enjoyed putting the race on!

Anna Milkowski

Thank you both for a really great first-year race!! And also for that splash of cold water on the way up, just what I needed. My hat is off to you guys for this event as well as what you did for the kids later in the day. Hope to see you next year.

Great slide show and photos!!

Ken Cestone

michael tandem bike

Photos are great. Most and best from any event I have participated in. Photographer must have been everywhere. Thanks again.

Michael Kulig

It was a great event, and while it was a bit warm, you did a great job with the timing of the weather. The support was awesome, as was the lunch. Loved the cheering from the spectators on the wall!

Team Blayleys

doug charlie

Yeah, that was my first mishap in any type of competitive road event.  So I can't complain.  It just means I'll have an easier target to beat next year!
Thanks again for putting on a great event.  Hopefully next year you will more than double the number of riders.  I know both Whiteface and Ascutney started small, and now they push numbers in the 150-300 range.

Doug Jansen

Thank YOU for doing such a great event.

This was very well organized and a real tribute to you and your volunteers. That this was the inaugural event is even more remarkable. Everything was first-rate -- organization, sponsorship, PR, safety, volunteer support, food AND the generous awards -- and I'm sure you're well on your way to a huge turnout in years to come.

I had a 450-mile day getting to Burke and back, but it was well worth the trip. I plan to make this a must-do next year and bring some friends. I'd also like to stay a few days and ride those great trails!
Thanks again,

Charlie Casey


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